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Arlin Was Fantastic!

We had Arlin from Arlington, VA treat our whole family and she was fantastic! She immediately put us at ease and made us feel confident that we could handle the whole process.…Read More

She has the best demeanor and energy and we absolutely love her!!!! Thank you so much.

Irena S.

I'll Never Forget Lice Happens

Yesterday was so stressful I don’t even remember who I talked to yesterday or the name of the angel who came to see us last night and stayed until 10:15 pm to treat my daughter, verify she had the dreaded bugs and treat her as well as check the rest of us (whew! We were good). ...Read More

Trust me people, if you can afford it, THIS is the way to go. The specialist (and they are indeed EXPERTS that can answer any question you throw at them) is METICULOUS and most importantly, knows what they are doing, which saves you time and stress. It would have taken us a LOT more time to handle things appropriately. She put us at ease, worked quickly and efficiently and when it was all over, I was so relieved and grateful that I had to ask if I could give her a hug. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.

A grateful Virginia Mom

Clean Heads and Happy Family

Just a quick note to thank you – and Cara – for a wonderful experience over the weekend. You have no idea the state I was in on Saturday night, trying desperately to comb (ineffectively) both kids and not feeling like I was making ANY progress. I worried I would be dealing with lice forever! ...Read More

Cara came in and was lovely, wonderful, knowledgeable, gentle, thorough…I could go on! You guys gave us the confidence, the tools, and the peace of mind we needed and I feel so much better doing the combing each night knowing I am actually doing it correctly. Clean heads and happy family!

Thank you for doing what you do and coming out here on a Sunday on Labor Day weekend. I have already recommended you to others – including my daughters daycare center – and will continue to do so. Thank you!

A grateful mom in Alexandria

Everything Was Completely Manageable

Just wanted to thank you for the great experience! Sarah came over Monday night and she was absolutely wonderful. ...Read More

I went to bed completely peacefully, not feeling like my house was infested with bugs. The confirmation of having her diligently check everyone and providing instruction on care of household products and how to proceed with my daughter’s head (the only bug head…yay!) over the next couple of weeks made me feel like everything was completely manageable. I cannot adequately convey the peace of mind she afforded me! Thank you for offering this service, I would highly recommend it to anybody. It saved me hours/days of unnecessary effort I would have put into the process without all the proper information. Thank you also for your quick response! I truly appreciate it. Thanks again,

A Thankful Mom in Alexandria

Ridding the Stigma

I just wanted to send a quick note to say “thank you”. Maria was WONDERFUL. My daughter was so comfortable and Maria’s approach, ...Read More

using education and perfect analogies was effective in ridding the stigma my daughter held regarding lice. My daughter is smiling now and she told me she feels so much better. We all do! Very Sincerely,

Ann Brown

FABULOUS Experience

Just wanted to tell you what a FABULOUS experience (somehow it IS possible with lice crawling all over your head) we had with our Specialist, Leigh. She was so personable and friendly and definitely took the stigma and sting out being infested with these critters. She had a great rapport with everyone, including my 14 year old image-conscious daughter and her friend. ...Read More

Leigh definitely made what one would assume to be an unpleasant and trying experience, a normal one (and good bonding time believe it or not!) We all commented on how much she reminded us of my sister-in-law (who we adore), hanging out in our kitchen and just chatting with us for a couple of hours. Leigh rocks. Thank you for sending her.

“It” happened, we survived in Alexandria, VA


I spoke to MJ tonight and needed to treat my daughter’s lice. MJ was very comforting and immediately put me at ease and gave me some tips on the phone. ...Read More

She then called Lisa and to the rescue she came! What a sigh of relief. She was so sweet, very thorough, and she kept my kids and I calm. I am so happy I used your service. It couldn’t have been better. Thanks so much,

Shannon in Alexandria, VA

Nothing Short of Terrific

I want to let you know that our experience with Lice Happens and, in particular with Leigh, was nothing short of terrific. As soon as she walked in the door, it immediately felt as if we had an old family friend visiting and not having someone come to extract lice from my daughter’s head. ...Read More

Leigh was VERY thorough and knowledgeable. I performed a follow up lice check the following night and not a nit to be found. I feel like I now know what I am doing (believe me, I had it all wrong when I discovered the lice) and will be able to follow through with the instructions that Leigh left behind. Thank you for providing a great service.


To Our Rescue

We can’t thank you enough for sending Lisa to our rescue! Not only was she fabulous in ridding us of the problem, but she had a wonderful personality and taught us so much during the process. ...Read More

“We wasted hundreds of dollars on potentially toxic solutions first, but now have the peace of mind knowing that we are doing a safe, thorough job of eliminating lice”. I will be passing along your information to both our children’s schools and camp because there’s a need to improve screening at both. Signed,

No One is Immune in Vienna VA ;)

Panicky Mess

Yesterday morning I was a panicky mess — trying to figure out how I was going to get rid of a lice infestation in my 9 year old daughter’s waist length, thick hair, as well as figure out for sure whether my husband, son and I were clear. After a crack of dawn call to the Lice Happens hotline (which Nancy cheerfully answered), Leigh arrived in our home a few hours later. She was FABULOUS! Not only did she clear the three of us who were determined to have lice (ugh), she was compassionate, thoughtful, and a delight. ...Read More

I’d welcome her into our home any day (hopefully without the lice!), feeling by the end of the day like I’d made a new friend. She managed to keep my surly, mortified teenage son smiling through his screening and happily endured my daughter’s chatter and curiosity for the hours it took to thoroughly rid us of nits and bugs (a feat I would NOT have been able to accomplish armed only with Nix and an insufficient nit comb). Finally, she gave us peace of mind as we got ready to travel for the holidays. And, it was all done without applying a pesticide to my daughter’s head. Thank you Lice Happens, and THANK YOU Leigh!!!

Kim. M

Part of Our Family

Thanks so much to your company and especially Leigh who came our families rescue today. I called at 12:00 and Leigh was at our house at 2:00. She was great and made my two daughters feel at ease about the whole process. ...Read More

By the time she left it was like she was a part of our family! I am so glad I called Lice Happens and so glad that Leigh was able to help us. She was wonderful! Thank you so much.

A. McGinn

Biggest Fear Turned into Motivation and Determination

I just wanted to send a note of personal thanks and appreciation for the services rendered by your specialst, Lisa, who came to my house in South Riding yesterday and screened and treated my entire family. Forty eight hours ago, my life was normal and I was contemplating how to tackle planning the next girl scout meeting. Then everything changed. As the mother of 4 kids (3 girls with long hair) I was confronted with what has long been one of my greatest fears, head lice infestation. ...Read More

Your prompt, compassionate attention was fabulous and Lisa was truly spectacular. She was on-time, compassionate, friendly, efficient and hugely educational. She helped turn one of my biggest fears into motivation and determination. Last night I actually screened some close family friends and my daughter’s best friend and her family. Everyone came up clean except for my daughter’s friend and after days of her mother combing through her hair looking if she could see something, we found the proof staring us in the face. It was early and it is manageable. I love the mission and purpose of your business and it is so refreshing in this day and age to find a business that deserves to make money not by exploiting people but by training and educating and breaking down people’s unnecessary fears. I will take all the advice given and recommend you often. Thank you so much.

Stephanie in Chantilly, VA

Calmed My Worst Fear

I had to email to thank you for helping us to get rid of our lice issue and calming my fears. When I found nits in my son’s hair last week, I really went into a panic. Lice were seriously one of my worst fears, and when I found a live one when treating him with an OTC treatment, well, I just about went over the edge. ...Read More

After a night with very little sleep, I googled ‘lice removal Fairfax’ and Lice Happens was one of the first hits. I called you shortly after 6 am, and by 7:15 am, we had our appointment set up. As soon as Ashley got here and started treating the kids and educating us, my anxiety level dropped. Ashley was friendly, knowledgeable and so, so helpful. She was great with my kids and calmed my fears tremendously. Lice has now gone from an irrational fear to an inconvenience. I know for sure if we have another case, Lice Happens will be my first phone call. Thank you!

One Calm Mom in Fairfax, VA

Expert Service

I used your service on Sunday. Ashley was the expert that provided the service. She was excellent…friendly, knowledgeable and very efficient. It was amazing to be able to get expert help so quickly! I will recommend your service to friends and family.

S. Reynolds, Mother of Three

At Ease After Lice Happened

I just wanted to say thanks! Ashley was really terrific. She was friendly and helpful, made us feel at ease about the whole thing. Of course, she had a lot of good information and walked through everything clearly and with patience. She was so sweet to my daughter, and also sympathetic about my geriatric cat.

Elisa C.

Couldn’t Have Asked for a Better Experience

I can’t say enough good things about Candice with Lice Happens! I was kind of in a panic (ok … in a huge panic), when I called her about lice removal for my daughter and I. ...Read More

She really put me at ease, removed the lice, gave me excellent tips on maintenance, and was such a great CALMING presence! I will recommend her to EVERYONE! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I feel very in control now, which is a far cry from where I was 2 days ago. Thanks Candice! Sincerely,

T.H. Richmond, VA

Wish All Businesses Were Run This Way

I wanted to thank you for sending Ashley to our home yesterday to help us with our lice problem. I feel so blessed to know that you and your company are out there. Having Ashley in my home was like having a good girlfriend come over and help me with a really big problem that I couldn’t share with just anyone. ...Read More

I had a feeling I had them as well, and sure enough, I was right, but who else would have been able to do this for me? THANK YOU, ASHLEY!!! My girls absolutely loved her too. She didn’t pull their hair or hurt them, unlike me. I am shocked and thrilled at how soon she was able to be with us and how efficient, meticulous and kind she was. Again, I felt like I had a girlfriend with me to get through this troubling situation. I wish all businesses were run this way. My fears were quickly put to rest after she let me “pick her brain’ while she “picked our nits.” :-) She informed me about the nature of lice, how and what to clean vs. quarantine and throw out, which, by the way, I wish I had talked her before I threw out most of our pillows. I am also extremely happy that your products are natural with no toxins. The smell and effects of the OTC products will not soon leave my memory. This is huge for me. And for the health of my girls. I really hope we never need your service again, but if we do, I will not waste any time or money on anything else. I have peace of mind and finally got some sleep last night. I will also highly recommend your services to anyone that would share this delicate situation with me. Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Ashley! Keep up the great service and education. Thank you,

Grateful and Relieved Mom in Alexandria, VA

Nary a Nit

I said it when you were here and I’ll say it again. This is some of the best money I’ve ever spent! It’s been nearly two months and nary a nit nor a louse nor a nymph have I seen. My Lice Happens lice comb has become my best friend, and although I haven’t seen anything since that first week, I still comb every week, just to be sure....Read More

Thank you, not just for making me louse-free, but for the warmth and good humor you brought to what could have been a harrowing situation. Your matter-of-fact attitude went a long way towards helping calm me down. I was imagining myself battling the stubborn critters for weeks, if not months. With your help, they were quickly and thoroughly gone. And good riddance! Thank you so much. You’re a life-saver!

HW Alexandria, Virginia

Giving Thanks

First of all, I just want to let you know how wonderful Ashley was the other night. She walked right in and got to work with no complaints, worries, or judgments. She was honest and professional, and she was fabulous with all the kids – from the 17 month old to our “plagued” nine year old. ...Read More

Turns out only the nine year old had lice and the rest of us were clean – what a relief! And, although I knew she was anxious to get to her Thanksgiving gathering in Ohio with her fiance, she stayed as long as we needed her, without making us feel she was rushed or put out by the lateness of the hour. Please let her know how much we appreciated her calm, warm presence, and, of course, her thorough work. Thank you again,

A Thankful Parent in Alexandria, VA
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“You guys were so wonderful when we arrived and made us feel so welcome. My kids loved you which says a lot to me and you were awesome with them.”